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"They don't go to work to be kept in the dark, to be driven to breaking point, to be subjected to ridicule and derision about their work capabilities, to be ignored, to be devalued or treated differently because of who they are, they don't expect to be labelled as whingers, malcontents or bludgers when they lodge a WorkCover claim, and certainly don't expect to be victimised, threatened or harassed because they have lodged a claim". (Althofer:2014) (talking about targets)

EGL I ASSESSMENTS PTY LTD is a Queensland based company specialising in matters relating to the education and awareness for the prevention, detection, reporting and resolution of counterproductive workplace behaviours that include bullying and harassment.

Counterproductive workplace behaviours such bullying and harassment are complex issues requiring complex solutions.  Depending on the circumstances and issues involved counterproductive workplace behaviours such as bullying and harassment, those involved either directly or indirectly can include:

  • The target 
  • The alleged bully
  • The organisation (always)
  • The medical professionals (can include support personnel)
  • The legal professionals (may include internal legal advisers)
  • The family, friends and associates (witnesses and bystanders)
  • The investigators (internal or external)
  • The media (depending on the seriousness of the incident)


Workshops and presentations conducted under the umbrella of Managing Behaviours in a Contemporary Workplace range from introductory presentations for new employees to the more complex and detailed workshops on managing counterproductive workplace behaviours including bullying and harassment for all managers and workers.  

We focus on:

Conducting workshops in relation to Managing Communication in a Contemporary Workplace and Managing Counterproductive Behaviours including workplace bullying and harassment

Facilitating Scenario Based Learning Case Studies. These forums can be tailor made to suit organisational requirements and could include Case Studies related to reasonable management actions.

Leading discussion groups in relation to Managing Behaviours in a Contemporary Workplace - a Manager's "Ten" Rules

Conducting workplace assessments and reviews in relation to counterproductive workplace behaviours such as workplace bullying, harassment and sexual harassment

Conducting Bullying Risk Assessment Training in relation to the use of Bullying Risk Assessment Training Tools (BRATT) 

Conducting Problem Identification and Documented Solutions (PIDS) workshops

General presentations

We are available to conduct general and guest speaker presentations and information sessions on a diverse range of topics that include:

  • counterproductive workplace behaviours such as bullying and harassment
  • leadership and management 
  • performance management
  • above and below the line behaviours 
  • communication in a contemporary workplace, and
  • the community impact of binge drinking


 “Whether or not we support a solution, depends on whether it is done to us or by us.”



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